Vascular Plants of the Cu- and Zn-enriched Callahan Mine, Brooksville, Maine

Callahan Mine is a metal-enriched habitat primarily containing copper, zinc, and lead, potentially at levels dangerous to human health and the environment.  In 2002 Callahan Mine was listed as a Superfund Site.  The extreme edaphic conditions at the Callahan Mine make it particularly interesting for botanical study as metal-enriched soils often support distinct species or ecotypes.  This coming summer I will survey the vascular plants of Callahan Mine following standard vegetation sampling methods.  A species list will be compiled and species diversity will be measured using standard indices.  Analysis of heavy metal accumulation in plant tissue will give insight into potential metal transfer across trophic levels.


Mail: 105 Eden Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Awards and Recognitions:

Garden Club of America, Summer Scholarship for Field Botany (2011): Support for research on plant-soil relations of Callahan Mine, Brooksville Maine. $2000


Conference Presentations (Presenter in Bold)

M. Mansfield and N. Rajakaruna.  2011. Plant diversity and soil-tissue relations of Callahan Mine, Brooksville, Maine.  Poster presented at the Northeast Natural History Conference, Albany, NY, April 6-9, 2011.

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