Ian Medeiros

Ian Medeiros

I am a fourth-year student at College of the Atlantic (COA), majoring in human ecology with a focus on botany. I am particularly fascinated by lichens, but am also interested in vascular plants, bryophytes, and seaweeds—anything that photosynthesizes!

At COA my botanical research is in the field of geoecology, the study of how substrates affect life (and vice versa). At present I have two major projects. The first of these is the first comprehensive survey of the soils and biota (vascular plants, lichens, and bryophytes) of serpentine outcrops in western Massachusetts, while the second is an investigation of the effects of rock chemistry and rainfall on the species composition of saxicolous lichen communities in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

In addition to these major investigations, I have several smaller projects. I am studying metal uptake by seaweeds in a polluted coastal site in Brooksville, Maine, and documenting the terrestrial bryophytes at the same site. I am also cataloging the lichen biota of a former granite quarry in Stonington, Maine; this lichenological survey will serve as a comparison for our previous work on a serpentine quarry in nearby Little Deer Isle, Maine.

In addition to my geobotanical research, I am involved with the lichen research group at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. In that realm of my academic work, I study the molecular systematics of the lichen family Graphidaceae—the most species-rich lineage of lichens in the tropics, focusing on the tribe Wirthiotremateae and species endemic to Hawaii.

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