Algonquian Ethnobotany: Medicinal, Edible, & Ritual Native Plant Use

The Algonquian respected and understood the wisdom beheld by the plants living among them.  Developing relationships with the plants, the Algonquian found spiritual and physical nourishment in the plants potent properties.  In drastic contrast to the industrialization that followed colonization, the Algonquian’s use of plants underlines a deep connection to nature that is spelled out in the ritual and mythology of the culture.  This handbook provides a reflection on the Algonquian’s use of various edible, medicinal, and spiritual plants and fungi native to their communities.  The plants in this handbook have been collected, preserved, used, and shared communally in both traditionally and modern ways to fully experience, appreciate, and understand their grace.  Besides working as a guide to these historic plants, the handbook includes traditional preparations and the mythology incorporating the plants and fungi, manifesting a complete and distinct connection between the nature of the plants and fungi and the Algonquian peoples.


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