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Kidney Pond Campground AJU 21 June 2013 T3R10 D Smith (5)

For my senior project at College of the Atlantic, I am studying alpine plant communities at Baxter State Park, Maine. Baxter State Park is a relatively remote landscape in northern Maine composed approximately of 200,000 acres. The Park contains many habitats, including many distinct alpine communities. Due to the habitat variability within the Park, much of Maine’s plant diversity is located within the Park. In collaboration with Glen Mittlehauser at the Maine Natural History Observatory, I am investigating the distribution and composition of alpine plant communities in six mountain summits in the Park. Beyond generating species lists for each summit, I am interested in exploring how the differences in elevation influence the composition of species at each summit. My study will provide important information for understanding plant species diversity in alpine settings in Maine and shed light on possible stressors influencing alpine plants in our region.

I will be working as a field assistant for the Maine Natural Areas Program (MNAP) this summer (2014). The primary goal of MNAP is to survey, collect, and maintain data for rare and endangered species and habitat types. They  also establish long-term monitoring plots, record and map the locations of rare plants and exemplary natural communities, and perform environmental reviews of various types using MNAP and other agencies’ data. MNAP also maps and monitors invasive species throughout the state.

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